Our Research in archives involves seeking out and extracting evidence from original archival record and secondary resources preserved in National Archives. Excellent research facilities are extended to the visiting researchers/scholars and students in an environment conducive to research. All the requisite materials are provide to the researchers in research and reference room.

Research Facilities Extended to Scholars

The Research Rooms are dedicated to provide the public full and open access to the Archival sources of a Nation. National Archives of Pakistan has also established a Research Room where every possible research facility is provided to the visiting researchers/scholars. All the reference tools and photo copies of the important collections are kept there for quick use by the scholars. The reference room is administered through the following Search Room Rules:

  • Timings:
    The search room shall be open to the readers for research and reference on all working days during office hours.
  • Instruction to be followed by the readers:
    A reader shall follow the following instructions:
    • A person desiring to consult documents shall write his full name and address in the register of readers and complete the requisition form annexed hereto.
    • Reader shall not smoke, eat or drink inside the search room.
    • The documents shall not be taken out of the search room and shall be handed back to the officer in charge or his staffs before the reader leaves.
    • Where a reader is allowed a number of documents at one time, he must take all possible means to ensure that the arrangement of these documents is retained that they are in proper order, and that they are returned to their proper place.
    • The readers shall not use ball points, inks, pens, etc., which might damage the documents he is consulting. Only led pencils may be used. No marks shall be made on document, catalog, list, index or any other finding aid and no person shall lean upon any document or place on it the paper which he is writing. Any defect in or accident to a document must be reported at once to the officer in charge. The greatest care must be exercised in handling the documents.
    • No handbags, shoulder bags, brief-cases, umbrellas, cameras in the Search Room. These items may be deposited in the Reception/Cloak Room.
    • Only bonafide readers shall made use of the Search Room facilities.
  • Liable to expulsion due to non-observance of the rules:
    The reader shall observe these rules. The infringement of these rules shall render the readers liable to expulsion from the Search Room.
  • Power of the Officer In-charge:
    • The quantity of documents issued at any one time to a reader
    • Whether or not a document or group of documents is sufficiently robust to be handled. Where the documents are too fragile for consultation, the officer in-charge may withhold them.
    • Whether a microfilm or other copy should be used rather than the original.
  • Fee:
  • Sr. No. Material Detail Amount Offered
    01 Readers Tickets/Membership Rs. 20/- per ticket
    02 Microfilm Rs. 28/- per foot
    03 Print from Reader Printer Rs. 8/- per print
    04 Hard copy of scanned material Rs. 4/- per copy
    05 Photo-stat copy Rs. 2/- per copy