Quaid-i-Azam Papers Collection


Quaid-i-Azam (The Great Leader) Muhammad Ali Jinnah (1876-1948) Papers Collection contains the Correspondence between Quaid-i-Azam and various leaders such as All India Muslim League, Indian National Congress and the British Officials (Viceroys and Secretaries of State) who participate in Pakistan Movement. This Correspondence consists on 1365 Folders and Volumes.

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Allama Muhammad Iqbal Collection


Allama Muhammad Iqbal was the National Poet as his role in awakening Indian Muslims was tremendous. His photo-copied collection was preserved in National Archives from Allama Iqbal Museum, Lahore which includes Correspondence with various Literary Personalities as Moulana Abdul Qadir Grami, Ghulam Rasul Mehr and Kishan Parsad Shad etc. This collection also contains script of poetical work of Allama Iqbal in 41 Folders and Volumes.

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Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah Collection


This Collection known as Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah Papers were taken over by the Government of Pakistan in 1970 and packed in 37 boxes. The collection consists on 3 parts. 1170 Folders and Volumes include (i) Part-I on correspondence, Letters and Papers
(ii) Part-II includes Books, Journals and Newspapers etc. (iii) Part-III contains different subjects as Education, Election, Grievances/Riots, Health, Press/Publications/Films, Property, Speeches/Statements/Messages and Radio Broadcasts. etc.

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Manuscripts Collection


This Collection in hand is the descriptive form of the original manuscripts we have purchased/collected for the National Archives of Pakistan. These manuscripts are in different languages i.e. Persian, Arabic, Urdu, Deccani, Pushto and Punjabi.

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Syed Shams-ul-Hassan Collection (Photocopy)


Syed Shams-ul-Hassan Collection consists of 72 Files and includes Manuscripts, Notes, Diaries, Correspondence and Newspaper Clippings. The original collection is in National Documentation Wing (NDW), Cabinet Division, Islamabad.Photostat copy of this collection is available in National Archives of Pakistan covering the period 1942-1946. Folders and Volumes.

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Muslim League Papers Collection


Muslim League Papers Collection also known as Archives of Freedom Movement (AFM) consists on two parts: (i) The All India Muslim League Records (1906-1947) (ii) The Pakistan and Muslim League Records (1948-1958) Correspondence with Muslim League Leaders, documents, proceedings, reports, pamphlets, newspapers and posters etc. This Correspondence consist on 624 Folders and Volumes.

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Archives of freedom Movement


Archives of Freedom Movement contains the printed material relating to all Indian Muslim League. This printed material consists on 292 Folders and Volumes.

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Nawab Viqar-ul-Mulk Collection


Nawab Viqar-ul-Mulk was one of the staunch supporters of the Education Movement and served the Nizam Government on many important capacities till 1913. This Collection includes his letters (1892-1916) and diary on household expenditure. Correspondence with Muslim League Leaders and group photographs comprises 36 Folders and Volumes.

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Afzal Hussain Qadri Collection


This Collection contains Press Cuttings, Documents, Opinions and Suggesstion, Reviews of Modern Education and Trainings. This collection covers the period 1938-1945.

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M.A.H Ispahani Collection


Mirza Abdul Hasan Ispahani was member of Board of Governors Quaid-i-Azam Academy (1976-1979) also a well-known Author. His collection consists on 68 files and includes correspondence with the Quaid-i-Azam, Muslim League Leaders, Hindu Leaders and the Viceroy during the period (1930-1947). The collection also contains printed material, statements, bank account slips and miscellaneous telegrams in form of 132 Folders and Volumes.

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Ahmed Hamid Lakha Collection


Ahmed Hamid Lakha Collection had been collecting Documents/Photographs of Quaid-i-Azam for about 40 years. His collection comprises of categories of material including (i) Printed Books (400 volumes) (ii) Press Clippings (23 volumes) (iii) Important Newspapers and Periodicals Urdu, English, Gujarati and Sindhi Languages (30 volumes) (iv) Unbound Newspapers and Periodicals on Quaid-i-Azam and Pakistan Movement (v) Souvenirs This collection consists on 4982 Books, Folders and Volumes.

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Iqbal Shaidai Collection


Iqbal Shaidai was a great Leader and the representative of Pakistan in the U.N.O General Assembly also served as Professor of Urdu in University in Italy. This collection consists on Approx. 50 Correspondence Files containing Letters from different Leaders also Note books, Diaries (1943-1962) Photographs (114), Press Cuttings (3 Volumes), Books on various topics in 73 Folders and Volumes.

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Malik Lal Khan Collection


Malik Lal Khan was Well-known Freedom Fighter, served his constituency, Gujranwala in various capacities and took special interest in social work. His Collection consists on Approx. 40 Correspondence Files with Personalities and Files on Majlis Ittehad-e-Millat and Khilafat Committee etc. also his Personal Diaries from 1919-1974 and some Account Registers, Photographs and Maps. This collection consists on 122 Folders, Volumes and Diaries.

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Mufti Fazal-e-Azeem Collection


Mufti Fazal-e-Azeem Collection contains Manuscripts, Rare Books on Different Subjects in (Arabic, Persian and other Languages), Periodicals Magazines and Digests.

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Dawoodi Collection


Mr. Khalil-ur-Rehman Dawoodi is a free lance scholar and has a very rich collection. The material acquired from him consists on Manuscripts, Provincial Legislative Council Debates, Faramine, Rare Books, Old Government Publications, Periodicals, Dictionaries, Magazines, Rare Literature Books, Religious Books and Books on other topics. Those are 3463 in number. This Collection also contains Faramine which are 80 in numbers (1834-1871).

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Manzoor-ul-Haq Siddiqui Collection


Manzoor-ul-Haq Siddique was the well-known Author of many famous books. This collection is useful for the researchers who wish to conduct research on The Muslim Students Federation of All India Muslim League, History of Potohar (Rawalpindi District), Rohtak Hissar (India) and his family Genealogy. The 3767 Folders and Volumes contains Books on various subjects and Royal Mughal Framin.

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Hassan Zaheer Collection


Hassan Zaheer was Cabinet Secretary and Chairman of the Advisory Committee. His Collection contains Reports (24 Files from April-September, 1971) regarding President Weekly Meetings and General Economic situation of East Pakistan (Coordination Cell).This collection consists on 23 Folders and Volumes.

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Afzal Shauq Collection


Mr.Afzal Shauq from the Pushtoon Region of North-West Pakistan was known as "The Journey" writer besides this he also a Philanthropist and Traveler. His Collection consists on mainly Pushto Literature, Novels, Magazines and Periodicals. The collection also contains his famous Poetery Book, translated in various languages of the World including English and Chinese.

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Mian Muhammad Afzal Hussain Collection


Professor Mian Muhammad Afzal Hussain carries out specific researches and has written many papers on different subjects and was awarded Hilal-e-Quaid-i-Azam in 1958. The collection basically consists on scientific papers, correspondence, personal papers, reports, articles, photographs, Diaries and files of various subjects and large quantity of printed material. This collection consists on 3090 Folders and Volumes.

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Yamin Khan Collection


Nawab Sir Yamin Khan Collection consists on Volumes of Legislative Assembly Debates during the Period 1921-1946. This collection contains 23 Volumes.

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Ehsan Danish Collection


Ehsan Danish was a prominent poet and author of many books in Lahore. His collection consists on his Personal Papers 8 unpublished poetical works and 7 works in Prose. The collection also contains publications on Culture, Literature, History, Fine-Arts, Press Clippings, Urdu/Persian Literature and Literary Supplement of Newspapers/Magazines in 99 Books and Newspaper Volumes.

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Abdul Ghafoor Collection


Abdul Ghafoor Khan was former section officier in Culture, Sports and Tourism Division at Islamabad. His Collection contains 150 Books on Religion, Travel, Fishing, Agriculture, History, Magazines, Journals and Approx. 100 Books in Urdu as "Urdu Digest" and "Readers Digest". This collection consists on 482 Folders and Volumes.

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Atique Zafar Sheikh Collection


Atique Zafar Sheikh Collection contains Books, Pamphlets and Articles on History Quaid-i-Azam and Archives. This collection consists on 1000 Folders and Volumes.

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Aziz Baig Collection


Aziz Beg Collection contains Biography of Quaid-i-Azam and Books on various subjects like History, Foreign Affairs and Islam. This collection consists on 305 Folders and Volumes.

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Muhammad Siddique Collection


Muhammad Siddique Collection contains Books of Historical Importance, Magazines i.e. Siyara, Ruhani, Urdu Digest and Quomi Zaban etc and Periodicals. This collection consists on 1052 Folders and Volumes.

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Muhammad Fazil Dar Collection


Muhammad Fazil Dar Collection contains Letters addressed to the Cheif Editor, "Daily Tamir", Periodicals, Magazines and group photographs of Field. Marshal Muhammad Ayub Khan. This collection consists on 304 Folders and Volumes.

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Dr. Gohar Naushahi Collection


Dr. Gohar Naushahi is a prominent scholar and poet of Urdu and Persian Literature. The collection contains the following 4 categories of material: (i) 7 important Letters/Documents of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan (1884-1897) and Maulvi Muharram Ali Chishti (ii) Sirmoor Gazette (1889-1890) and The Comrade (1911-13, 1940) (iii) Rare Magazines (27 Titles) (iv) Rare Books in English/Urdu/Persian (168 Nos.) This collection consists on 216 Books and Volumes.

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Mirza Qutbuddin Collection


Mirza Qutbuddin Collection contains Magazines and Periodicals. This collection consists on 346 Folders and Volumes.

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Haq Dad Malik Collection


Mr.Haq Dad Malik's mission is to bring some changes in his area for the welfare of poor people. His Collection consists on 66 Rare Books in English and Urdu Language and 56 issues of Urdu Magazines prominently among them is "Soofi" (1911-1928). The collection contains many useful titles on Social and Political Life of Indo-Pak Subcontinent in 118 Books, Folders and Volumes.

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Azra Asghar Collection


Azra Asghar Collection contains Books, Magazines and Periodicals on Urdu Literature and Poetry. This collection consists on 1645 Books, Folders and Volumes.

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Syed Atta Hussain Kaleem Collection


Syed Atta Hussain Kaleem Collection was received as donation in September 1998. His collection contains Poetical works, large number of magazines and 50 books on various topics, also 850 Books, Folders and Volumes.

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Ali Akhtar Collection


The collection belongs to Col. (Retd) Ali Akhtar who had served in second World War (1939-1945). The Collection contains 76 in English, Urdu and Persian, Manuscripts, Mughal/British Faramine, Documents and Monthly Magazines. The papers throw light on events upto 1878.

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Dr. Naeem Qureshi Collection


Dr. Naeem Qureshi Collection contains Books, Periodicals, and Photocopies of published Articles on various topics. This collection consists on 403 Folders and Volumes.

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Syed Abid Ali Collection

1698-1841 1023-1122H Syed Abil Ali Collection contains 35 Faramin/Ansad and Official Documents British Government Official Letters belonging to the period 1701-1857 are available in Persian language, purchased in 1978. This collection consists on 215 Folders and Volumes.

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Shagufta Fazil Collection


Shagufta Fazil Collection contains Newspapers and Periodicals. This collection consists on 38 Folders and Volumes.

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Hafiz Meraj Din Collection


Hafiz Meraj Din was one of the Freedom Fighter of Pakistan Movement and took part in every movement i.e. Khilafat Movement, Shaheed Ganj Movement, Tareekhi Maulat Movement etc. This small collection of 86 pages (bound in one volume) contains Letters, Newspapers Clippings relating to the events from 1940-1947.

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Abdullah Naji Collection


Abdullah Naji was a Muslim Leader of Bombay District. His collection contains Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah Photo stat copies of M.A.Jinnah Letters addressed to Bombay League Workers and Press Cuttings. This collection consists on 01 Folders and Volumes.

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Sujan Singh Bedi Collection


Sujan Singh Bedi Collection consists of Cash Deposit Slips,Account Pass Book, some Correspondence Files and written Deeds/Agreements. This collection covers the period from 1912-1945.

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Farrukh Amin Collection


The collection belongs to Mr.Farrukh Amin,Assistant Secretary to the Governor General of Pakistan (Quaid-i-Azam 'Muhammad Ali Jinnah'). The papers consisting on 11 Photostat Files (712 pages). The collection comprises an article on last days of Quaid-i-Azam, Map of India, Bengal Relief Funds, Telegrams, Un-official notes of Press Information Departments and Press Clippings etc.

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Ruttie Jinnah Collection


Ruttie Jinnah Collection consists of 78 Photostat Copies of Letters addressed to Mr. Kanji Dawarkadas and 64 pages of a book "A Story of Great Friendship" by Kanji Dawarkadas. This collection has been preserved in Quaid-i-Azam Papers Unit and contains 03 Folders and Volumes.

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Nawab Siddique Ali Khan Collection


Nawab Siddique Ali Khan Collection contains Copies of a Judgments, Correspondence and Quaid-i-Azam's Will. This collection consists on 03 Folders and Volumes.

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Mehmood-Ul-Hassan Naseem Collection


Mr. Mehmood-Ul-Hassan Naseem is a man of taste of English Literature so his collection mainly consists on English Novels, few Books in History, Politics in Islam and few prominent books on Islam. This collection consists on 231 Books, Novels and Volumes. This collection has been reflected in his name as "M.H.Naseem Collection"

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Zafar Ahmad Ansari Collection


Zafar Ahmed Ansari Collection contains Recommendations of the Basic Principal Committee. This collection consists on 53 Folders and Volumes.

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Legislative Assembly Debates Collection


Legislative Assembly Debates contains Officials Reports. This collection consists on Approx. 105 Folders and Volumes.

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Council of State Debates Collection


Council of State Debated Collection contains Officials Reports. This collection consists on 41 Folders and Volumes.

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Sardar Abdul Rab Nishter Collection


Abdul Rab Nishter Collection contains Correspondence with M.A.Jinnah, Allama Muhammad Iqbal and other leaders,Constituent Assembly of Pakistan, Draft Constituent of Pakistan, Indian Independence Act, Jammu: A Muslim Conference Province, Negotiation between the Prime Minister of Pakistan and India regarding the Kashmir Dispute June 1953-September., 1954 Papers relating to Cabinet Mission to India 1946.

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Begum Mehmooda Saleem Khan Collection


Begum Mehmuda Saleem Khan Collection is actually a photo album collection because it is mainly consists of photographs and also important books arranged in 181 Folders and Volumes.

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Wiqar Ahmed Zubairi Collection


Wiqar Ahmed Zubairi Collection contins Different Books of Historical Importance and Correspondence with Different Leaders i.e. Nawab Wiqar Ul Mulk, Quaid-i-Azam and Dr. Zia Udin Ahmed Zubairi etc.

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Zafar Tehseen Collection


Mr. Zafar Tehseen was Ex. Director General, National Archives of Pakistan. His Collection mainly consists on Books on Different Subjects as Descriptive Documents and Publications of 20th century, Seep, Naqsh, Jazia, Naya Dawar and other Books etc.

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Professor Iftikhar Ghouri Collection


Professor Iftikhar Ghouri had a large collection. His collections contains Approx. 1031 Books, Magazines and Documents of covering period 1925-1999.

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Malik Misri Khan Collection


Malik Misri Khan Collection consists on speeches, statements and books of different place of publications of covering period 1961-1977

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Munir Ahmed Chaudhry Collection


Munir Ahmed Chaudhry Collection was Ex-Director General of National Archives of Pakistan had also donated his collection which consists on reports, official handbooks, manuals and other books of covering period 1988-2010

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Syed Mehmood Ali Collection


Syed Mehmood Ali had a very short collection but very important in its nature. His collection covers the period till 2003. His collection contains Ellania Pakistan and Adalata-e-Uzma (Muqadama) copies.

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Muhammad Abdul Latif Ulfat Collection


Muhammad Abdul Latif Ulfat was also Ex-Director General Information Service Academy. His Collection consists of Books on different subjects Approx. 300 of covering period 1789-1976 and books of different Hijras.

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Aizaz Ahmed Azhar Collection


Aizaz Ahmed Azhar had a vast collection based on different Books and Magazines. These are Approx. 960. His collection covers the period from 1903-2013.

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Muhammad Noman Zubairi Collection


Muhammad Noman Zubairi Collection contains Correspondence with Syed Shams-ul-Hassan and Miscelleanous Documents of A.I.M.L and Letters of different Leaders i.e. V.Churchill, Lawrence, Lord Simon, Begum IkramUllah, Begum HabibUllah, Jamil Uddin Ahmed and others.

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Syed Muhammad Zauqi Collection


Syed Muhammad Zauqi Collection contains Letters based on Correspondence with Eminent Leaders i.e. Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Moulana Moudoodi. This collection covers the period 1937-1949.

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Sharif Al Mujahid Collection


Prof. Sharif Ul Mujahid Historian, Writer and Teacher wrote many articles on Pakistan Movements and awakening of the Muslims. He remained representative of "Civil and Military Gazettee". His collection comprises different articles regarding Ideology of Pakistan and Khilafat Movement.

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Muhammad Lutf Ullah Mufti Collection


Mufti Collection was donated by Mr.Muhammad Latif Ullah Mufti, Former Federal Secretary, Ministry of Religious Affairs and Minorities Affairs, collection has been arranged in 70 steel racks in National Archives. The collection consists on 4 categories of material (i) Approx. 1500 are on Manuscripts on Islam, Tibb, Literature, History, Geography, Fiqa, Uloomul Quran and Uloomul Najoom etc. (ii) Approx. 5000 on Books in English Language, Grammer Literature, Medical Sciences, Psychology, Chemistry and History. (iii) Approx. 5000 Books in Urdu, Persian & Arabic Islam, Christianity, Tibb, Homeopathy, Urdu Literature and History (iv) Approx. 150 Titles on Magazines and Journals (English and Urdu)

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Haji Abdullah Haroon Collection


A famous Political Personality of Pakistan Movement has collection comprises mainly on Sir Abdullah Haroon Correspondence with various Political Personalities including Maulana Shaukat Ali Khan, Maulana Zafar Ali Khan and others. The collection also contains a famous Presidential Address of Sir Abdullah Haroon delivered during the Sindh Provincial Conference.

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