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This is the first effort towards Indexing and Cataloguing source materials available on microfilms in the Mational Archives of Pakistan. The collections treated are Quaid-e-Azam Papers, Muslim League Records, Syed Shamsul Hassan's Collections and Newspapers i.e. The Civil and Military Gazette, The Pioneer, The Mofusilite and The Inidian Public Opinion etc.

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Oral Archives

The oral archives section was set-up in June, 1977. Since then it has been collecting recordings of speeches and interviews of prominent personalities who have made their contribution in our struggle for independence. So far this section has a collection of 39 cassettes for the use of researchers.

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Digitized Record

Research in archives is a type of primary research which involves seeking out and extracting evidence from original archival record. These records may be held either in archives and institutional repositories that originally generated of accumulated by successor bodies

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